3 Reasons You Should Implement Mindfulness in the Workplace

3 Reasons You Should Implement Mindfulness in the Workplace

You already know about meditation, and you may have heard that it’s becoming why-should-you-care-about-mindfulness-in-the-workplacemore mainstream—it’s not just for Buddhists or those totally chill hipsters. But technology is bringing mindfulness and meditation into the general public! Why? Because it can be beneficial to anyone. And with wearable relaxation technology and meditation apps, there’s no doubt that it’s only just beginning.

And one place that needs it most is the workplace.

If someone told you that there was an inexpensive (or free) and scientifically proven way to improve employee satisfaction and performance, you’d snap that up in a second, right?!

Well, that’s what meditation brings to the table! Still need more convincing? Here’s what else can happen when employees begin practicing mindfulness and meditation:

It will change your company’s culture.

Company culture is a huge part of what goes on in the workplace. Most corporate workplaces are fast-paced and focused on productivity and growth. But what if instead of being solely focused on the job at hand, your employees were also focused on self-improvement? Making mindfulness a part of your company culture sends a positive message to your team and lets them know what type of company you are—or what you want to become.

You’ll attract, and keep, the best employees.

Meditation and mindfulness is an attractive benefit for many talented individuals. Many people you speak to would tell you that they’d be willing to switch jobs for benefits such as wellness programs and personal development. There are already a growing number of employers offering meditation. See a few of the ways they’re doing it here.

Performance Will Improve.

This is probably the one that most employers will see and think “hm, maybe we should think about offering meditation…”

Practicing meditation can make individuals feel less stressed and happier. What happens when you’re feeling clam? You’re able to focus more clearly at the task at hand. And remember above when I mentioned self-improvement? Through meditation individuals begin to focus inward on bettering themselves. So instead of working on simply getting the job done, they’re more likely to focus on getting it done better than last time. They’re more likely to happily help other team members.

Doesn’t all of this sound like something your company wants—something it needs?

As business owners, you should be leading by example. And let technology help you get to where you want to be! If you’re really serious about making mindfulness a part of your company culture, there are even companies like Human offering mindfulness programs for the workplace!

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The average cellphone user touches their phone 2,617 times a day.

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