Lucidity, Virtual Reality, and Buddhism

Lucidity, Virtual Reality, and Buddhism

Have you ever had a lucid dream? A dream where you were able to tell that it lucidity-virtual-reality-and-buddhismwas a dream and not reality? The concept of lucidity has been around for a long time. In Buddhist practice there’s something called “dream yoga” the practice of meditating in a lucid dream. But now, researchers are beginning to learn how incorporate it into virtual reality.

We’ve talked about using virtual reality to help us meditate, but it may have an even stronger connection to Buddhism.

When you slip between the two “realities” of real-world reality and virtual reality it becomes hard to determine what is actually real. It can be a shocking experience. But as Andrew Holecek, author of Dream Yoga, said, “If we engage with virtual reality and lucid dreams mindfully, we can discover wisdom.”

That’s where lucidity comes in.

Our experiences within our lucid dreams can be something that we can bring back with us and use during our day-to-day lives. We can learn to look at things in a different way and transform our terrifying thoughts and idea into something more pleasant. We become more aware and we decrease, or change, our negative emotions. And that same potential is there for virtual reality.

Holecek hopes to one day put the concept of dream yoga to work in virtual reality, a way to help teach users how to practice it themselves.

Read more about dream yoga and Holecek’s plans here.

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