How Little Bit of Gratitude Can Change You

How Little Bit of Gratitude Can Change You

With the price of healthcare today, many individuals and professionals are how-little-bit-of-gratitude-can-change-youlooking for ways to shorten treatment lengths and lower costs. The answer to this may be a simple thing called gratitude. There have been multiple studies done on the physical, psychological, and social benefits of gratitude, all of which come to the same conclusion: gratitude can lead to a healthier and happier quality of life. So, let’s break down some of the reasons for practicing gratitude.

How Gratitude Changes Our Minds and Bodies

It brings us happiness. Many different studies have found that practicing gratitude is one of the most reliable ways to increase our happiness. It also encourages optimism, increases enthusiasm, and pleasure, as well as other positive emotions!

It can decrease anxiety and depression. With your mind full of happiness and optimism, your mind isn’t as full of anxiety or depression.

It can help, even if you don’t share it with others. One study found that simply writing letters of gratitude, without sending them, can actually provide the same benefits.

Being grateful can help you sleep better. People who practice gratitude actually spend less time trying fall asleep, stay asleep better, and wake feeling more rested and refreshed! Practice gratitude and mindfulness and you’ve got yourself the most restful sleep you’ve ever had.

We’re more likely to pay it forward, to donate to a cause or help out someone in need.

It improves our overall health. Gratitude can lower blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, and when we do get sick, it helps reduce the symptoms we experience.

It’s almost hard to believe that showing a little appreciation can make this big of a difference in a person’s life and health. Will you be trying to be more grateful? I know I will!

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