Mindful Dating is Going Mainstream and We Love It

Mindful Dating is Going Mainstream and We Love It

Years ago who would have ever imagined finding a date online? But then came mindful-dating-is-going-mainstream-and-we-love-itdating sites like and eHarmony, and it took the effort out of meeting new people and dating. Today finding a date has become even more mindless with sites like Tinder where you simply swipe left or right to find a match and get a date. Now, though, as mindfulness is beginning to gain popularity, we seem to be reverting back to good ol’ conversation to find a date!

At MNDFL, a meditation studio in New York City, something’s starting to happen… people have started finding relationships offline, relationships based on common interests, not just physical appearance.

How can mindfulness help you get a date?

In the phone-free zone of meditation classes, participants don’t have the crutch of looking down at their phone while they’re waiting. People are forced to either wait in awkward silence (no thanks) or strike up conversations with those around them—something that seems to be lost in today’s tech-addicted society.

At his meditation studio, Lodro Rinzler says that they began noticing little connections being made. People were noticing others from across the room, walk over and ask them if they’ve ever been to class before and start chatting. Would they have started talking if neither of them were being mindful of what was going on around them? Probably not. The studio has begun hosting, singles classes after making this observation!

When you become more mindful you begin paying attention to all areas of your life, including dating and relationships.

While not every town has a local meditation studio, mindful dating apps can help you meet others that are also committed to living more mindfully.

Try mindful dating apps.

Although you’re trying to be more present, there are a few exceptions to getting slightly carried away with technology, like mindful dating apps.

MeetMindful is one example of mindful dating going mainstream. The app asks for things like life philosophies and commitment to mindfulness. It also encourages honesty and creates trust by asking questions like what imperfections users are working to improve within themselves. Another mindful dating app, Sapio, asks similar questions along with personal stories.

This isn’t about lying about who you are to get a date, it’s not about taking the best picture of yourself… Mindful dating is about openness, honesty, and communication right off the bat! Now isn’t that something that every relationship could use?!

Have you tried either of these apps? Do you know of another mindful dating app? We’d love to hear your experiences!

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