Your Career Anxiety Is All In Your Head

Your Career Anxiety Is All In Your Head

Your Career Anxiety is All in Your Head

Have you ever heard the saying “confidence comes from within?” When you begin to practice mindfulness, you learn that that phrase is very true! It doesn’t take accomplishments and a vast knowledge of everything in your career for you to feel confident at work—it just takes a little mindfulness.

Have you ever been sitting down right before a presentation and began to feel the nerves building up. As you’re waiting for the presentation to begin your mind can’t help but dig deeper into those nervous feelings. As you continue to think you begin to doubt yourself, your abilities, and maybe even the safety of your entire career. After just a few minutes you’re totally freaking out!

Self-doubt happens to all of us, no matter which career path and goals we have at work. So how can mindfulness help us feel more confident at work?

We have to learn to acknowledge that very first thought of fear or nervousness and question it. We have to learn that thoughts are not facts.

For example, you may look at your co-workers before their presentations begin and not even notice a hit of nervousness. This can make you question your abilities and ask yourself why you are always so nervous and they aren’t, when in fact they may be even more nervous than you’re feeling! It’s likely that you’re co-workers think the same thing of you!

When you start to have fear at work, question those thoughts with this handy practice from

Ask yourself these questions to question your fears:

1. Is it true? Of course your very first reaction is going to be “yes,” or else you wouldn’t be thinking that way.

2. Is it absolutely true? Really think about it, are the thoughts you’re having really true? Before that meeting have you thought “I’m totally unprepared for this,” when in reality you prepared all week?!

3. How does this thought make me feel? Mindfully taking note of your true feelings can help you overcome them.

4. What would things be like if I didn’t hold this belief? Imagine the positive impact it would have in your life if you didn’t feel this way! If you weren’t so nervous, maybe you could earn that promotion you’ve been asking for. If you weren’t feeling upset that your co-worker was assigned to the project you wanted, would you feel more motivated to get your work done?

It can be hard to acknowledge your feelings in this way at first, but by learning to practice mindfulness you’ll become more aware of your thoughts and feelings.

Becoming more mindful can be quite a feat, but it can help you in every aspect of life! Learn to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life (without letting it become another task on your to-do list) and you’ll see a positive impact your career, your relationships (in and out of work), and your life in general!

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