6 Ways Mindfulness Can Change Us

6 Ways Mindfulness Can Change Us


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If there’s one thing that I could confidently say can impact every single aspect of our lives (work, health, relationships, etc.) its mindfulness, but in our crazy lives mindfulness can be lost.

Being more mindful can affect multiple aspects of our lives. Whatever you’re putting your energy into doing right now could be affected, and improved, with a little bit of thoughtfulness.

Stress, worry, anxiety, and all those other negative feelings can takeover when we have so much going on—sometimes we only feel happy knowing that we’ve made it through another day. It doesn’t have to be that way; mindfulness and meditation can make tasks in our day-to-day lives a little easier, a little less stressful, and help us enjoy more in life! Here are just a few ways mindfulness can change us:

1. Improved Focus: Sometimes it can be hard to focus on the task at hand when there are a million other things running through our minds. Mindfulness can help us acknowledge our distractions and let them go so we can bring our attention back to what it needs to be on.

2. Better Communication: Have you ever been listening to a friend or collogue when you mind happens drifts away from the conversation into your own thoughts and worries? Then you suddenly hear that inflection at the end of their sentence that indicates that they just asked a question that you completely missed… whoops! Mindfulness can help you clear your mind and be fully involved in the conversation.

3. Controlling Emotions: Mindfulness can help us to deal with difficult emotions, like anger, anxiety, or fear… the emotions that can consume our thoughts.

4. More Energy: When we are able to control our negative emotions we will feel more energized throughout the day. Sadness, anger, fear… they can all consume us and completely drain out energy.

5. Better Decision-Making: Having a higher level of focus and more control of our emotions can help us to make better decisions.

6. Smarter Prioritization: Mindfulness helps us put in focus what is truly most important to us and help us prioritize everything we have on our plates. It can help you decide what’s worth you time, and what you should put on the backburner.

With all of these benefits, we should be asking: why everyone isn’t trying to be a little more mindful? It might be because being mindful, takes mindfulness—it can be difficult to remember to be mindful.

Although technology tends to be a huge distractor in our lives, it can actually help us become more mindful. There are plenty of mindfulness apps out there, like Calm, that can help you meditate and get on the path to mindfulness.

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