Meditate to Calm your Political Anger and Learn to Accept Trump

Meditate to Calm your Political Anger and Learn to Accept Trump

No matter which side of the aisle you’re on, if you’re like most people, you’re meditate-to-calm-your-political-anger-and-learn-to-accept-trumpprobably feeling angered or even outraged by the outcome of the latest election. Either you’re upset about who has been chosen to run your country, or all the people that are upset are angering you. Either way, no one is very happy. Not even Donald Trump has been able to “enjoy” his presidency win with so much negativity going around. So how can we find a little bit of calm and rationalization at a time when tension and emotions are so high? My answer: meditation.

No, we shouldn’t ignore what’s going on around us or try to block it out with meditation, but we can let it help us see the reality of situations and control our emotions.

You don’t even have to really meditate, in order to get the same effects. Don’t think of the traditional “sitting in a quiet room, cross legged on the floor, and breathing” type of meditation.

Just think, quiet time to slow down and focus on the present moment.

Try these methods of meditating without “meditating”:

● Read a book

● Go for a walk or run

● Drink your morning coffee mindfully

● Take a calming hot shower

● Watching a bit of Slow TV

● Try a mindful body scan

Do one of these tasks, or another type of meditation for 10 minutes, twice a day—once in the morning and once at night. For these 10 minutes allow yourself to just be in the present.

Of course may seem impossible not to think, it’s so hard to just be present with everything that’s going on around us. So what should you do when your mind starts going? Acknowledge your thoughts as they come to you, and then let them float away.

Start to Think About “Watching” and Learn to Love & Accept

Without judging (that’s the key here) just watch. Watch yourself, watch your thoughts. Watch as you begin to form an opinion and question it.

Do you have all the information?

Should be be jumping to conclusions?

Is there more to it?

And here’s the tricky part… learn to love and accept Trump. And not just for all the amusement the internet is getting out of him (like Trump Draws).

But why should we learn to love Trump? Two reasons:

A) Like it or not, he’s our president for the next 4 years, and B) He needs it.

Yes, Trump can be a little crazy at times, but maybe, just maybe, it’s not totally his fault.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, psychologists say he shows all the red flags for

Narcissism—a real mental illness. Something that impairs his ability to see reality the way the rest of us do, something that will impair his ability to run the country the way we want and need him to.

So, for the next 4 years, learn to accept Trump. And learn from his mistakes.

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