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The 4 Principles of Insight Timer and Why They Matter: A Conversation with CEO Christopher Plowman

Christopher Plowman is humble when he talks about how his meditation app, Insight Timer, achieved such explosive growth in the last few years. With 10 million users, 5,000 meditation teachers, 6,500 active...

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The Best Free Mindfulness Meditation Apps in 2019

Short on spending money, but want to find the perfect meditation app? No problem! We’ve gathered the best free mindfulness meditation apps in 2019 based on features and user reviews. While some of the...

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4 Mindfulness Exercises to Manage Tech Use and Find Balance

Mindfulness exercises can help you manage the effects of daily tech use on your mental well-being and allow you to find balance in daily life, easing stress, developing self-compassion, and providing perspecti...

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