Why “Technology for Mindfulness”?

Why “Technology for Mindfulness”?

Why is the name of this site “Technology for Mindfulness” and not something similar, such as “Mindful Technology”–a term I have seen used elsewhere?


Although “mindful technology” certainly could be an accurate way of describing certain technology, it implies that the technology itself is mindful.  Yet what I am attempting to explore with this site is not ways of making technology more mindful (particularly since technological devices do not have minds), but ways in which technology can be designed and used to help people be more mindful.  In other words, the purpose of this site is to examine the ways in which technology can be a tool for facilitating mindfulness in human minds.  Whether or not the technology itself is mindful is not relevant.


For this reason, I think that “technology for mindfulness” better captures the goal of using technology as a mindfulness-facilitating tool.  It also is consistent with the belief that technology cannot and should not be used in an attempt to replace traditional mindfulness practices.  The goal is not to offload mindfulness–and our individual responsibility for it–onto technology, but instead to use technology as a tool for achieving mindfulness ourselves.


(Caveat and mea culpa: I recently gave a presentation entitled, “How to Improve Your Focus Using Mindful Technology.”  I just could not resist the appeal and succinctness of “mindful technology,” and I gave the audience credit for interpreting it correctly.  In the future I will make an effort to follow my own advice. 🙂 )


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The average cellphone user touches their phone 2,617 times a day.

The average cellphone user touches their phone 2,617 times a day.

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