HeadSpace Review: Just Pause for 10 Minutes A Day

HeadSpace Review: Just Pause for 10 Minutes A Day

HeadSpace Review: Just Pause for 10 Minutes A Day


If you look up “meditate” you will most likely come across a definition similar to the one above. It’s funny because when I think of meditation, I think of the opposite of “thinking deeply.” I meditate to calm my mind and slow down.


I recently fell out of the habit of meditating on a regular basis and was disappointed with how difficult it was to get myself to just stop and take some time each day to breath. While messing around on my phone one evening, I came across the HeadSpace app. The app is designed to help you get into the routine of meditating by taking 10 minutes a day to do the recorded meditations. Each day you move forward and every other day there is a short video to help you understand the techniques being taught.


At first I struggled to get myself to relax, but after some trial and error, I found that right after work is the best time for me to meditate. Once I found what worked for me I looked forward to my 10 minutes a day. What really resonated with me was how Andy Puddicombe, founder of HeadSpace, explained what to do in the moment. He didn’t say, “clear your mind” or “let go of everything.” Frankly, we all know that’s very difficult to do and just because a soothing recording says it, doesn’t mean it works. Andy explains it differently. He says the 10 minutes are for letting your mind and body take a break and just pause. We are constantly on the move, thinking, processing, going. HeadSpace is about just taking a simple 10 minutes to allow yourself to get present and breath.


Andy also says throughout the meditations that nothing you’re doing or feeling is right or wrong. If you’re mind is racing and your body is tense, that’s just fine. You’re still taking those 10 minutes to let yourself pause.


I feel great after my 10-day trial and plan to continue with HeadSpace. Give it a shot! Or do you have another meditation app you enjoy?


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