Ep. 6-Neil Seligman, Founder of The Conscious Professional

Ep. 6-Neil Seligman, Founder of The Conscious Professional

Neil Seligman is the Founder of The Conscious Professional, the Author of 100 Mindfulness Meditations and one of the UK’s leading experts in Corporate Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Professional Resilience.

In this episode Neil discusses about his work at The Conscious Professional and what his mission and goal is. According to Neil his practice brings skills of mindfulness to professionals. His vision is enlightened executives and conscious businesses. Neil links mindfulness to professional excellence, and his vision is to find the missing link in many professionals who are not able to express themselves in the exterior reality. The internal world is the key to emotional intelligence and we have to find peace within ourselves.

Neil discusses benefits of developing emotional intelligence: 

  • To develop emotional intelligence and become more successful professionally
  • To develop it for inner wellbeing


    “Mindfulness is a way of developing a craft for consciousness” 

    – Neil Seligman

Listen to this episode to know about how:

  • How internal emotional intelligence competencies differentiates people performance in exterior world
  • How mindfulness works as a self serving aspect to inner self
  • How to stop living in anxiety
  • Why to focus on inner world and achieve professional excellence
  • What are the particular problems that professionals face in connection with their use of technology

About Neil:

Neil Seligman the Founder of The Conscious Professional has worked for more than half of the Top 100 law firms in the UK and has trained thousands of lawyers, consultants, doctors, and other professionals in a wide variety of skills. As a sought after expert and conference speaker Neil has been featured in titles ranging from The Mirror, Yoga Magazine, Female First, Small Business, Best Magazine, OmYogaMagazine, Attitude, SWTV, Soul & Spirit Magazine, Warrior Addict and more. Neil leads Luxury Mindfulness Retreats at Champneys and Creativity Workshops at The Esalen Institute in California. His highly-regarded Conscious Coaching has enabled many to step into their highest potential, finding alignment, excellence, and joy. His Fine Art Soul Portrait photography has been commissioned and exhibited internationally and is held in private collections around the world. The Conscious Professional brings mindful education to clients at the level of professional excellence.

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Connect with Neil

T: @consciouspro

FB: theconsciousprofessional

IN : Neil Seligman


P: +44.207.1930548

On each episode of the Technology For Mindfulness podcast, Robert Plotkin, co-creator of the “Hack Your Mind” series at MIT, explores the intersection between the practice of mindfulness & the use of technology in the modern age.

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