Vincent Horn spent his 20's co-founding the ground breaking Buddhist Geeks while attending a full year of silent meditation practice on a retreat. A computer engineering drop out turned full time contemplative - Vincent combines the traditional mindfulness practices of Buddhist practice and teaches them in a modern way. He has been called a “power player of the mindfulness movement” by Wired magazine and was honored to be featured in Wired UK’s “Smart List: 50 people who will change the world.” He lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with his teaching & life partner Emily and their son Zander.

In this episode you'll learn about:
- Paying attention to what is at the forefront of your focus when you're using your smartphone [1:02]
- How Vincent left his engineering program to become a full time meditator and waiter [03:26]
- The teachers he studied with in the Buddhist world and their relationship to technology [6:26]
- The mindfulness movement from traditional to more modern ways of teaching [10:10]
- Translation of Buddhism and Mindfulness into the modern world [11:36]
- How technology has helped people to find their way into mindfulness and meditation [16:23]
- What drives people to mindfulness practice and the expectations that they have [17:16]
- How he has managed to engage people in meditation via the internet [20:23]
- The practice and benefits of social noting [27:53]
- How people can participate in any meditations with Buddhist Geeks and pragmatic dharma training [29:44]
- Ways in which online training can be beneficial over in person training [38:27] 

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The average cellphone user touches their phone 2,617 times a day.

The average cellphone user touches their phone 2,617 times a day.

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