In episode 55, Caroline Castrillon, business coach and Forbes contributor, joins us for a discussion about how entrepreneurs can become more focused and productive through being mindful and disciplined with technology use. Caroline founded Corporate Escape Artist for both solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and those dreaming of running their own business. 

The mission of Corporate Escape Artist is to inspire and empower corporate professionals to take the leap into entrepreneurship and fully experience the flexibility, freedom, and joy that comes with being your own boss. Caroline believes that everyone deserves to experience the liberating feeling of leaving the corporate world and diving into a career that’s truly meaningful.


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Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World by Cal Newport


Some Questions I Ask: 

  • What are some of the most common stressors for entrepreneurs related to technology? [05:49]
  • What are some examples of boundaries to set with technology? [08:56]
  • How do you help entrepreneurs avoid multitasking? [13:42]
  • What are your own struggles with technology use? [21:50]
  • What are the underlying drivers for entrepreneurs to constantly be attached to technology? [27:17]

What You’ll Learn: 

  • How to take some time for yourself during the day. [01:15]
  • Why it’s important to establish boundaries with technology as an entrepreneur. [08:30]
  • How setting aside specific time to check and respond to email can boost productivity and focus. [16:06]
  • Why substituting time spent on technology with other positive activities [19:49]
  • How stillness benefits your mind and provides space to have an “ah-ha!” moment. [23:56]
  • How to begin setting boundaries for disciplined technology use. [29:03]
The average cellphone user touches their phone 2,617 times a day.

The average cellphone user touches their phone 2,617 times a day.

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