In Episode 54, Dawn Wible, the Founder of Talk More Tech Less joins us for a discussion about various ways that we can re-introduce in-person, non-tech related, communication back into our lives. Dawn founded Talk More Tech Less in an effort to provide support, resources and education to help, both, adults and children “prioritize relationships over technology.”

Talk More Tech Less is committed to the work of deeper, more connected communication and provides, what they call, the “Facts and Stats” that support how important it is for us to strike a healthy balance among ourselves, our relationships and technology. 


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Some of the questions I ask:

  • What is the motivation behind the concept of Talk More and Tech Less? [4:22]
  • What are some examples of what a more balanced, and more healthy, life with the people in your life looks like? [6:28]
  • What kind of changes has Dawn’s work resulted in and what challenges should people expect with implementing them? [14:17]
  • Do the children, who aren’t having the experiences of going outside and playing, feel or know that something is missing in that? [20:43]
  • What guidance would Dawn like to offer parents, children, and teachers? [32:58]

What You’ll Learn:

  • About’s Robert’s Tip for a Digital Detox [1:06]
  • About Dawn’s 2 Hour Technology Limit for her children [7:55]
  • About Talk More Meals [15:00]
  • About the benefits of adults/elders teaching children about what their childhood was like and vice versa [22:59]
  • About a personal experience Dawn had with her son that required her to take a moment and step back from technology [34:25]
The average cellphone user touches their phone 2,617 times a day.

The average cellphone user touches their phone 2,617 times a day.

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