Nick Wolny is a marketing and media strategist for coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs and has been featured on a variety of publications including The Wall Street Journal, Elephant Journal and Mens Health for his expertise on productivity, automation and self improvement. Recently, he’s been featured on FOX discussing Digital Decluttering and how to curb your smartphone addiction.

Tip of the Day: Monitor How Much time you actually use your smartphone and other devices.

There are ways to do this now with apps like Moment and the Screen Time Feature on iOS. If you spend one minute a day at the beginning or end of the day to see what apps your time has been spent on and how much you’re actually using your phone. Many people find that getting into this empirical data and being able to know exactly where your time is being spent, can motivate you to change your behaviour. See if monitoring your device time can help you introduce some changes!

Some of the questions I ask:

  • When was it that you became concerned about smartphone addiction? [2:44]
  • What were some of the first things that you started to try to do to address it? [5:42]
  • What would you say to people who have concerns about not being able to implement a series of steps or protocols to be mindful with technology and use technology less? [12:20]
  • Our culture has come to value the autonomy in working conditions that technology has bought us. How can we make our time use more intentional? [14:12]
  • Are there any new techniques or ways of thinking that are now emerging that go in a different direction from amping up the level more and more? [18:16]
  • From the point of view of consumers, what else can we do in addition to the protocols to take that awareness of how the marketing landscape is changing so that we can be protective of ourselves? [20:45]
  • Do you have any motivation or small steps that you could recommend for people to try to be more mindful with their smartphone use? [23:16]

What you’ll learn:

  • How Nick came to be passionate about smartphone addiction by observing his own behavioural patterns around technology [2:51]
  • Ways to be more diligent with your time [6:02]
  • How flexible hours can actually be working against us [6:23]
  • Some tips if you’re an entrepreneur in a client service based industry and a lot of your deliverables rely on being connected [7:12]
  • The Wake Up protocol [7:38]
  • A Warm Up protocol [8:27]
  • The Completion protocol [10:03]
  • Have a night time protocol [10:59]
  • How our perception is that we have less time than we actually have available [12:58]
  • The ubiquity of information and how people consume social media in a mindless state of scrolling [15:10]
  • The game is changing on how to make people aware of brands and business’ because people’s attention is totally fried [17:58]
  • How attention is currency and some of the ways you can get people into your corner from a marketing perspective [19:44]
  • When everything is getting faster, it comes down to you and taking personal responsibility for your smartphone use and consumption [21:28]
  • Take one of the four protocols and take the smaller steps to implement them into your life [23:41]

Nick Wolny Website
Moment App
Screen Time App
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The average cellphone user touches their phone 2,617 times a day.

The average cellphone user touches their phone 2,617 times a day.

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