On Episode 46, Marla Mattenson returns with her partner Julian Colker who work together to coach couples in their relationships including how to use technology mindfully.

Some of the questions I ask:

  • How to deal with devices and how they can potentially create rough spots when it comes to our intimate relationships [2.28]
  • Why a pre-planned advance agreements between a couple is important to set each other up for success [5:07]
  • How technology can be used to amplify the positive in your relationship [7:55]
  • Ways that technology can make things simple for you and your partner[13:29]
  • How much is too much communication via text message? [18:48]
  • What are some suggestions for those who feel they can’t commit to a simple or disciplined technology use plan? [24:13]
  • Upcoming in person workshop Marla and Julian have about touch [28:38]

What you’ll learn:

  • Technology is a tool which can add value to your relationship and also take away from it [2:48]
  • Pre planned advance agreements about technology between yourself and your partner [3:49]
  • Close the gap of misinterpretation that can potentially happen when communicating through devices [5:39]
  • Humans are now getting Dopamine and Serotonin hits which cause us to bond with our technology instead of bonding with our partner or other humans [7:30]
  • How to use technology in a way to connect deeper with your partner’s love language [8:40]
  • Ways to set intention about wanting to grow with your partner [10:32]
  • How sharing your calendar with your partner so they are aware of the times you are busy and free so they can plan things around your schedule [11:31]
  • Use technology to keep track of things your partner likes on the phone [12:53]
  • Starting your morning routine to engage a passionate relationship that doesn’t prioritise a technology first [14:48]
  • Setting boundaries around technology use in your family [15:26]
  • How to creatively communicate using technology [17:16]
  • Ways to have an intentional digital detox [21:45]
  • Have the belief that it’s possible to be disconnected from your phone [24:48]
  • Ways to apply technology in a way to uplift and advance your life and relationship [25:30]
  • What’s a thought each of you would leave about technology in relationships? [31:21]
Apps: Love Nudge - talks about the 5 love languages you can sign up with your partner
Marla Matteson & Julian Colker’s workshop:
The average cellphone user touches their phone 2,617 times a day.

The average cellphone user touches their phone 2,617 times a day.

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