As we prepare for 2019, we often reflect and think about the year that's gone. We think about what we achieved and didn't achieve and what we would like to do in the next year. When it comes to using technology mindfully, there are a few ways that you set goals and habits to achieve mindfulness, productivity and quality time. Here are 5 ways that you can set yourself up to use technology more mindfully in 2019:

1. Take some time to observe your experiences with technology.

This is the most important step as it's where you deploy awareness around your use of technology. Identify what you'd like to change in your behaviour. Do you want to spend less time browsing on the internet at work for non work related things because you find that your workload becomes heavier as the week progresses due to lack of productivity? Perhaps you'd like to not take your smartphone to the dinner table as it distracts you from quality time with your loved one. These are behaviours you should take the time to observe as it will be the foundation to understanding your relationship with technology and how to be more mindful in your use of it.

2. Write these goals down.

Another important step as this will serve as a frequent reminder for what your goals are. The main reason why New Years Resolutions fail is that we forget what these are by February. Writing this down will consolidate on what's the most important to you and serve as a frequent reminder. When you're reminded of these goals - you place yourself in a position where you're most likely to succeed.

3. Come up with a concrete plan of action

Now that you're written your goals down, how can you come up with a plan of action to ensure these goals can be executed?

4. Develop Mindfulness Habits

Recently, we released a course called Tap Into Mindfulness - which is a sequence of systematic exercises that aids you to not only be aware of your habits around technology but also assists you in how to create mindfulness habits around your use. There is both a student and teacher's edition and currently it's on sale for $10 and $25.

5. Have a gentle attitude towards yourself

It takes a while to form a new habit so be kind and patient with yourself as you navigate your way through this. Stopping altogether and giving up won't form a new habit but persistence will.

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The average cellphone user touches their phone 2,617 times a day.

The average cellphone user touches their phone 2,617 times a day.

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