20 Apps To Help Stressed Parents Find Balance

20 Apps To Help Stressed Parents Find Balance

20 Apps To Help Stressed Parents Find Balance

Parenting is the best job in the world. But it can also be the hardest.

With a neverending to-do list and 24/7 schedule, parents often find themselves scattered and tired, just trying to get it all done.

But no parent wants to miss those beautiful childhood moments of growth, happiness, and discovery.

So, how do you take care of the basics and still have time to be fully present with your kids?

As the old Apple commercial says, “There’s an app for that!” 

Technology can be a lifesaver for stressed parents. Whether you need to find an afternoon activity, book a last-minute babysitter, or simply calm your mind after a long day with the kids, there really is an app for everything.

We’ve gathered 20 of our favorites to help you balance it all.

Delegating Everyday Tasks

1. Instacart – Grocery Delivery Service

If the last thing you want to do is pile the kids in the car and head to the grocery store, Instacart is here to save the day. Simply place an order online, then someone does all your shopping. Within a couple of hours, they’ll deliver your groceries to your doorstep. You can pay a delivery fee or you can purchase an annual membership. 

2 Chorma – Chore Manager

Need some help getting the family to pitch in around the house? Chorma allows you to create a list of household tasks, assign them to family members, and assign “points” that they can redeem for rewards. A brilliant and fun way to nudge your kids into action!

3. Yumble – Meal Kits

Have some picky eaters in the house? Yumble can help with their weekly meal delivery.

Even though this isn’t technically an app, we thought it deserved a spot on the list. Every lunch, dinner, and snack is perfectly balanced and nutritionist-approved.

Stressed parents
Delivery services can save you valuable time (and sanity). With a few clicks online, you have kid-friendly dinners all week. No fighting required.

Plus, there’s no cooking required. Just heat them up and watch your kids enjoy mealtime. Each box comes with new activities, giving them something to look forward to with every meal.

4. Kidbox – Kids Clothing Delivery

Another delivery service worth considering! Shopping with kids can be stressful. Especially when it’s back to school time. Rather than heading out to the mall, check out Kidbox. After you answer a few questions about your child’s style and size, they’ll send six pieces from stylish premier brands. If you keep them all, you’ll save 50% and they’ll donate a box of clothes to a local charity. It’s a win-win.

5. TaskRabbit – Household Help

Whether you need someone to put together furniture, clear out your attic, fix that leaky pipe, or rake your lawn, “taskers” can tackle all your home projects. TaskRabbit connects you to safe and reliable help in the neighborhood. That means more time for you to relax with your family.

Keeping the Family Organized

6. Cozi – Family Calendar

Cozi won’t make dinner for you (sorry), but it does just about everything else.

This app has a family calendar, shopping list, to-do lists, recipe section, meal planner, and best of all – Cozi Today, which is a daily agenda of everything you need to know.

20 Apps To Help Stressed Parents Find Balance

7. Happy Kids Timer – Routines

Happy Kids Timer is a visual timer that gently guides your kids through all their usual morning or evening routines with the help of fun, animated figures.

Stressed parents
Happy Kids Timer helps children with their morning and evening routines, which as any parent can attest, causes stress.

You can even add rewards or print a certificate of achievement to add a little extra motivation. 

20 Apps To Help Stressed Parents Find Balance

8. GoKid – Carpooling

Take that “Mom’s Taxi” bumper sticker off your car! With so many other obligations, you can’t always be available to drive your kids to sports, dance, or other after school activities.

GoKid is a carpool app for moms and dads that helps you easily coordinate carpools with other parents. No more complicated group texts or missed pickups!

20 Apps To Help Stressed Parents Find Balance

9. Doodle – Schedule Coordination

Doodle puts an end to endless emails and texts to plan playdates, family events, or birthday parties.

You can send a request with multiple options to several people. They check off what works for them and you’ll be able to see what days and times are good for everyone.

10. 2houses – Coparenting 

For separated or divorced parents, there are certainly more logistical challenges.

This app helps parents organize their schedules, track expenses, and exchange information concerning their kids, from medical notes to school appointments. 

Keeping the Kids Happy & Healthy

11. Kids Wellness Tracker – Health History

When your child isn’t feeling well, you want to be prepared as you head to the pediatrician. Keep notes from all of your children’s medical appointments, plus track their heights, weights, vaccines, and medicines all with one app. It even helps you calculate the right dose of medicine based on their weight and age.

12. Yuggler – Kids Activity Finder

Have you run out of things to do – and it’s only the second day of summer vacation?

Stressed parents
Never hear the dreaded words, “I’m bored” again! Yuggler offers a ton of family fun ideas, easy and fast, from your smartphone.

Not to worry. Yuggler helps you find places, activities, and events for kids, along with candid reviews and tips from real parents like you.

You can bookmark favorites, get notifications based on your interests, and share ideas with friends and family.

13. LaLa Lunchbox – Meal Planning

Lala Lunchbox is an ingeniously simple app that gets kids involved in planning their lunches. They can choose from healthy food options, such as fruit, vegetable, protein, and snack. It makes meal planning feel like a game. Plus, after they’ve made their choices, LaLa Lunchbox will generate a shopping list for you.

14. KIDzOUT – Kid Necessities

Knowing you have KIDzOUT on your phone can give any parent peace of mind. This is a map-based app for families on the go. It helps moms and dads find diaper deck locations, family-friendly restaurants, places to play, and the nearest urgent care, emergency room or pharmacy.

15. Smiling Mind – Meditation for Kids

Calm, emotionally healthy kids translate into less stressed parents! You’ll find guided meditations, lessons, and activities in each age bracket (7–9, 10–12, 13–15, 16–18). Although aimed at young people, Smiling Mind offers programs for adults as well, so you can use the program together to learn about mindfulness.

Taking Care of Yourself

16. Bambino – Babysitting

Need a breather? Take a night off without worry. Using a private social network, Bambino connects you to a community of recommended babysitters who are trusted by friends and families right in your own neighborhood. Plus, you can pay directly in the app, so no need for a stop at the ATM.

17. Enjo – Mental Wellness for Parents

This is a simple app with a powerful approach. Enjo helps modern parents feel appreciated and more connected to their families by making daily mindful reflections.

The app prompts you to share what you’re grateful for, meaningful family moments, and what your close ones mean to you.

18. InsightTimer – Meditations for Parents

This app offers thousands of guided meditations, music, and talks posted by contributing experts. They have a special section for parents where you can find meditations like “Morning Self-Esteem Boost for Mamas” or “5 Minutes to Parenting Patience.”

stressed parents
Insight Timer offers meditations specific to parenting issues, but you can also explore guided meditations from over 4,000 teachers on hundreds of topics.

If this app doesn’t feel right, there are much more meditation apps that may be a better fit. Check out our 10 best mindfulness meditation apps to manage the craziness of daily life.

20 Apps To Help Stressed Parents Find Balance

19. Mind the Bump – New & Expectant Parents Mediations

It’s especially important for parents to take care of themselves in the early stages of parenting.

Mind the Bump provides tailored exercises to mentally and emotionally support both parents from day one of pregnancy through to 24 months after birth.

20. Slumber – Sleep Meditations

Lack of sleep can make everything more difficult as a parent, and over time, can lead to deteriorating mental and physical health. If you’re struggling to fall and stay asleep, Slumber offers sleep-inducing stories, meditations, and soundscapes. 

Technology that helps make parenting easier

With the right apps, life is so much easier for stressed parents.

It may not break up fights or make your kids go to bed on time, but it will help you manage it all with humor and grace.

Did we miss any apps that you love? Let us know in the comments!

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