Wisdom Films for the Modern Age

Wisdom Films for the Modern Age

Wisdom Films for the Modern Age

I just attended a session at Wisdom 2.0 called, “Wisdom Films for the Modern Age.”  We may not think about film as a form of technology anymore because we are so familiar with it, but film and the various mechanisms for distributing it are technologies that act as amplifiers.

The first speaker was filmmaker Jason Headley, who presented a short and hilarious satirical film that spoofed the now-common online guided meditations which combine calm and soothing voices with gentle sounds and imagery.  Rather than try to explain it, I’ll let the video speak for itself.  And here’s another one from him.

The next speaker was Justin Bogardus, creator of the popular video Nature Rx.  Justin had many interesting things to say about the value of using humor and short, positive, and appealing messages to spread awareness about difficult social issues such as climate change.

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