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Meditate to Calm your Political Anger and Learn to Accept Trump

No matter which side of the aisle you’re on, if you’re like most people, you’re meditate-to-calm-your-political-anger-and-learn-to-accept-trumpprobably feeling angered or even outraged by the outcome of the latest election. Either you’re upset about who has been chosen to run your country, or all the people that are upset are angering you. Either way, no one is very happy. Not even Donald Trump has been able to “enjoy” his presidency win with so much negativity going around. So how can we find a little bit of calm and rationalization at a time when tension and emotions are so high? My answer: meditation.

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Dealing with Presidential-Sized Stress

Dealing with Presidential-Sized Stress


Although the presidential election is still months away and the 2 parties have yet to choose their nominee, the election is clearly in full swing, and has been for a while! The busy schedules of the candidates, constant public appearances, and tough questions can be described as one thing: stressful.

So how is it possible to stay calm and grounded when you barely have a minute to yourself? For Hilary Clinton the answer to all that stress is meditation!

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