Presentation on Apps for Focus and Mindfulness at MIT

Presentation on Apps for Focus and Mindfulness at MIT

MIT Radius Mindful Group


I will be giving a presentation tomorrow (Tuesday, November 17) on apps that can help to promote focus and mindfulness at MIT (Room 4-270), as part of the Radius “Hack Your Mind” program.  There has been a boom in mindfulness apps over the last year or two, which makes this an exciting time to give the presentation.


After I give an overview of the app landscape, I will lead people through some practices they can engage in to help cultivate mindful use of technology.  Then we’ll have some time for one-on-one conversations and sharing with the group as a whole.  Combining presentations with practice and sharing has been a common feature of the “Hack Your Mind” sessions.


Stay tuned for the next “Hack Your Mind” event at MIT on Friday, December 11.


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