Meditation: The Newest Employee Benefit

Meditation: The Newest Employee Benefit

Meditation: The Newest Employee Benefit

Forget about hip cafés in the office, company cars, and gym memberships, the best company perk might be something a little simpler. As meditation increases in popularity, many employers are taking notice and hopping on board by offering free mindfulness and meditation classes to their employees.

Companies aren’t just offing this perk because it’s becoming trendy, it’s because meditation can help improve the work environment. Meditation has a variety of fantastic benefits, such as the ability to reduce stress—which is much needed in today’s “always on” work culture.

Aside from reducing stress, meditation can improve employees’ productivity by increasing focus, help aid in decision making, improve mood, and much more. It can help boost employee morale by showing that their employer cares about them enough to invest in their happiness. 

So How Can You Provide Meditation to Your Employees?

  • Offer daily 10-15 minute group meditation sessions
  • Provide weekly 30 minute guided meditations
  • Offer a meditation class to employees to teach the basics of meditation
  • Add a dedicated calm, quiet meditation room to the workplace

No matter which technique employers decide to use to incorporate meditation into the workplace, it’s clear that this is an employee perk that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

If your employer doesn’t offer some type of meditation, learn to practice mindfulness at work to help increase your focus and stop the stress.

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