Learn to Unwind Your Anxiety With 10 Minutes Per Day

Learn to Unwind Your Anxiety With 10 Minutes Per Day

We all struggle with anxiety once in awhile, but for some it can feel worse andLearn to Unwind Your Anxiety With 10 Minutes Per Day more difficult to control. At times, it can feel nearly debilitating. Some turn to meditation, others visit psychiatrists despite their fears of the stigma it holds. But there’s another way to help you control your anxiety… no medication, no stigma, and you can do it from your phone! What is it?

It’s called Unwinding Anxiety

A while back we talked with Dr. Judson Brewer on our podcast.  Now he’s back with a new program to help you control anxiety and feel better—no meditation required! It’s called Unwinding Anxiety.

Download Unwinding Anxiety on your smartphone and you’ll have Dr. Brewer as your personal guide from the moment you wake up in the morning until your head hits the pillow at night! Using mindfulness training techniques, this step-by-step program will help you discover what that triggers your anxiety and help break the cycle!

It’s not hours of silent meditation. It’s not even 1 hour of learning. Unwinding Anxiety only takes about 10 minutes to incorporate into your daily life!

The Program Includes:

  • Short daily video lessons
  • Weekly calls with experts
  • App-based check-ins throughout the day
  • Journaling to identify triggers
  • Exercises to calm your mind
  • And community support from other with anxiety

Find out more about this program, including frequently asked questions, and start a 4-day free trial at

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