Learn to Practice Mindfulness at Work

Learn to Practice Mindfulness at Work

Learn to Practice Mindfulness at Work

Do you ever feel aimless and unfocused at work? Do you leave the office at the end of the day feeling like you got nothing accomplished? If so, you are not alone. New research shows that people spend almost 47 percent of their waking hours thinking about something other than what they’re doing. In other words, many of us operate on autopilot.

The good news is there is an easy way to get out of the autopilot cycle during the working week. By simply training your brain through mindfulness you can have a more focused and productive day.

Here are a few simple ways to incorporate mindfulness into your workday using these tips

  • Start each day with a few minutes of conscious awareness. Breathing is the key to opening up your awareness. Instead of jumping right out of bed into your routine, take a few minutes to notice how you feel and consciously set your intentions for the day.

  • In the course of your work, practice really listening to others. This requires you to shift your energy to the other person and take the focus off you and your mental to-do list, even for a few minutes.

  • Take a few minutes to identify what you would like your outcome to be in certain interactions – an important call, email or meeting. Most of us find ourselves in the midst of interpersonal situations with no idea of what we really want. In other words – know your intention.

  • Find some time, at the end of your workday or in the evening for self-reflection.  It’s challenging to do this without judgment. Discernment and judgment are very different.  Practice noticing without judging.


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