December Mindfulness, Meditation, and Technology Roundup

December Mindfulness, Meditation, and Technology Roundup

Interesting Reads & Studies

Mindful Technology

Muse Headset – Wearable Brain Sensing Headband

The Muse headset has been around for a little while now, so why are we talking about it again? Well, there could be a new use for them—helping children in school. This wearable headset monitors brain activity and helps to refocus the wearer’s attention when it notices stress. But recently, an independent study used this device to see what benefits it could bring to school children. The result? Fewer office referrals! Read more about the study here.

Spire Health Tag – Hidden Monitoring

Spire is another one that’s been in the mindfulness game for a while with their wearable “Stone.” But they’re back at it again with their latest introduction: Health Tags. Tiny tags that make your clothes smart! Place one of these tags on your favorite pieces of clothing and it will do everything from monitoring your activity, breathing, and stress to tracking your sleep. With a battery life of 1.5 years and washer/dryer safe design, you’ll never have to worry about whether or not you put your tracker on again… that is, if you can afford to “tag” all your clothes. Check out the price here.

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