Dealing with Presidential-Sized Stress

Dealing with Presidential-Sized Stress

Dealing with Presidential-Sized Stress


Although the presidential election is still months away and the 2 parties have yet to choose their nominee, the election is clearly in full swing, and has been for a while! The busy schedules of the candidates, constant public appearances, and tough questions can be described as one thing: stressful.

So how is it possible to stay calm and grounded when you barely have a minute to yourself? For Hilary Clinton the answer to all that stress is meditation!

In an interview on the Joan Hamburg Show in New York City, Clinton opened up about how she uses meditation:

Joan Hamburg: “Do you meditate? Is there any down time when you sort of just sit and breathe?”

Hillary Clinton: “Yes, In fact, that’s a great question…That has helped me a lot. I really recommend, just slow yourself down; do that deep breathing that can give you a sense of relaxation and groundedness. I find it very helpful. You don’t have to just sit with your legs crossed in some quiet room. Literally, you can do it on a plane, or in a car, or waking up in the morning, or before you go to bed. As you can tell, I think it’s a really valuable way to fill your time periodically during the day.”

Clinton’s got the right idea—you don’t need the perfect setting to practice meditation; you don’t even need a long period of time! One of the joys of meditation is that can be practiced almost anywhere at anytime. If a presidential candidate can find the time to meditate, anyone can!

Listen to the full interview with Hilary Clinton



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