An Easy Way to Lose Weight? Eating Mindfully with Eat Right Now

An Easy Way to Lose Weight? Eating Mindfully with Eat Right Now

We all want to eat healthier, right? But sometimes it can be hard; cravings  An Easy Way to Lose Weight? Eating Mindfully with Eat Right Nowhappen, we over eat—we aren’t always aware of what we’re putting in our bodies. How many times have you been craving sweets and mindlessly threw a candy bar in your cart while grocery shopping, or grabbed a handful of chips simply because you were bored and snacking gave you something to do?

Eat Right Now, a new program created by Dr. Jud Brewer, an expert in cravings, addiction, and self-mastery, and Dr. Kara Nance, a nutrition and weight management expert, aims to teach us to become more mindful of our eating habits. Eat Right Now isn’t just another diet; it’s an exclusive online program focused on changing eating habits for good. Based on 10 years of medical research, its 28-day foundational training gives users the knowledge and tools needed to overcome food cravings for good and live a healthier, happier life.

Eat Right Now’s program is available with limited features for free, but you can also upgrade to the premium program for a monthly or yearly fee. You can download the Eat Right Now app through the Apple Store or on Google Play.

Here’s what you’ll get with your Eat Right Now membership:

  • An exclusive community of supporters led by Dr. Brewer and Dr. Nance
  • Weekly group video sessions
  • A personal coach you have access to via in-app messenger
  • Exercises to help you stop your cravings throughout the day
  • And much more!

This program is not about losing weight, although you definitely will if you stick to it, instead it will teach you how to become more aware of what you’re eating. It’s easy to mistake boredom or stress for hunger, it’s easy to scarf down your food without really tasting it and enjoying it—Eat Right Now aims to change that.

Mindful eating works because you don’t have to give up the foods you love and you don’t have to make drastic diet changes that you’ll never be able to stick to. Practicing mindfulness in any area of our lives can change us in so many ways, mindful eating is just one step toward that change. See what it’s all about, sign up for Eat Right Now and get a 4-day free trial.

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