amaZEN U: An Amazing Way to Bring Yoga to Schools

amaZEN U: An Amazing Way to Bring Yoga to Schools


amaZEN U: An Amazing Way to Bring Yoga to Schools

Yoga in schools is something that has been a controversial topic since it was introduced in public schools years ago. Having roots in Hinduism there has been the question of whether yoga is a religious practice, and thus violating the separation between church and state.

Some argue that the religious association of yoga means it does not belong in schools; others, like amaZEN U, see yoga as a way to teach mindfulness, empathy, improve focus, and take “brain breaks” throughout the school day to improve performance in the class.

The Ohio startup, amaZEN U, is brining yoga into the classroom in an easy and convenient way: using online subscription-based videos.

What makes amaZEN U different from a yoga class?

1-5 Minute Videos

These videos aren’t meant to serve as a yoga class, or take the place of PE class, they’re meant to serve as a short mindful break from learning.

No Equipment Needed

Each video is made for use right in the classroom; poses consist of chair and standing poses. There’s no need for a yoga mat or fancy yoga equipment.

The only thing you’ll need is access to YouTube or Vimeo using any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

You Don’t Need a Large Open Space

With most traditional yoga practices you need room to spread out and move, but using amaZEN U’s online videos, you won’t even need to move desks/tables off to the side of the classroom to follow along. Poses are done right in in the students’ chairs or standing to the side of their seat.

The amaZEN U yoga videos are made specifically for all students from pre-K to all the way to grade 12. The language is not ‘kiddish’ and teachers can follow along with their students, because teachers need a break too!

Mindfulness and meditation has been proven to have a variety of benefits, by teaching yoga in the classroom, amaZEN U is introducing these techniques and getting students on the path to living a healthier, more mindful, life at a younger age.

What do you think of this program? If you’re a teacher, would you use it in your classroom? If you’re a parent, how would you feel if your child was participating in this program at his/her school?

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